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Meagan Goode recently sat down with VIBE and dished about her new girl group, H.E.L.L.O Girls, religion, how she helped Keyshia Cole get her big break and why she has no problem recycling her outfits.

Here are some excerpts:

Do you regret cutting [your hair]?

No, not at all. The main reason I cut it off was because a lot of the characters that I was [playing], werre always the love interest and that was cool through my early twenties because all I was trying to do was break away from being looked at as a child. And now that people know that and I’m in my later 20s, it’s time to be taken seriously and I felt one of the ways to symbolize that was to cut my hair off and say, “Look I don’t have the long sexy vixen mane. I have the serious haircut of a young woman.” It’s still stylish and still sexy, but it’s more appropriate for what I’m trying to do right now.

The blogs one and only grip with you is always “Why does Meagan where the same shit every day?” What is your response to that?

I don’t really care. If something looks good to me and I spent my money on it I’m going to wear it as many times as I choose to, whether it’s my shoes, my earrings, my jeans. And what they don’t understand, the more they comment on it, the more you make me wear it. If you have something to say about my red lips, if I hear about it, I’m wearing red lips tomorrow and the whole week after that. Everybody’s different. Kim [Kardashian] loves to dress up, but that’s not me. I like to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m probably going to wear the same jeans and a t-shirt until I’m tired of seeing them, not when you’re tired of seeing them, but when I’m tired of seeing them.

I don’t think many people expect you to be so vocally spiritual.

And that’s the thing, but someone like you and me are going to be talking to someone in the bathroom at the club that may not even step foot in church may change their mind based on the fact that they met another Christian who’s not judging them, who may have had a drink that evening, who is crazy and fun, but they’re still a woman of God and they’re still doing everything in their power to be the best they can be. But for me personally, I know I’m called to the street. That’s where God wants me to minister. Other people might look at me and say, “She’s been in men’s magazines.” Yeah, but as a result I can talk to other girls who’ve done men’s magazines and felt like God didn’t love them. I can say to them, “No sweetheart, Jesus loves you.”

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