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Montana Fishburne faked a suicide attempt last August that was videotaped by a private investigator hired by her father, actor Laurence Fishburne, who was concerned about his daughter’s well-being.

The private investigator caught Montana on video drinking what was believed to be bleach, but Fishburne knew that she was being followed by the P.I. and allegedly faked the suicide attempt to “put on a show.”

From TMZ:

The tape has become relevant in the ongoing criminal assault case against Montana because her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, had sent the tape to the prosecutor to demonstrate her client’s troubled mental state and help get a plea deal that involved rehab, not jail time. The prosecutor agreed to the deal, but has since disavowed it and wants her to do jail time.

The prosecutor argues in legal papers, obtained by TMZ, that the video “was just a ploy by the defendant to manipulate the People to offer a more lenient sentence.”

But we’ve learned, shortly after sending the video to the prosecutor, Holley learned it was fake and actually notified the prosecutor everyone had been duped by it.

Holley is asking the judge to enforce the original deal — rehab and no jail.  The prosecutor is steadfast and does not want to honor that deal.

Montana Fishburne made headlines last year after she appeared in an adult film under the name “Chippy D.”

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