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We all know that nothing gets the rumor mill spinning like when celebrities who know one thought were dating are caught out it public together looking like they’re on a date.

Well, apparently, that also applies to the family members of celebrities.

So, Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife was spotted with Michael Jordan’s son and the two appeared to be on a double date with another couple. Now, for those of us who would not recognize Pippen’s ex or Jordan’s son if we bumped into them at Waffle House and they were both wearing the respective Chicago Bulls jerseys of the NBA legend they’re attached to, we might wonder how anyone even noticed the pair. (To be fair, Pippen’s ex is a Real Housewives star, so, fans would certainly know her. It’s entirely possible  I’m just being an old curmudgeon shaking my fist and saying WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHY WON’T THEY GET TF OFF MY LAWN???)  But people did notice and, of course, they had much to say. You think it’s the 17-year age gap that got people talking?

From TMZ:

Anyway, unfortunately for people who love a juicy celebrity (or celebrity-adjacent) hook-up story, it turns out Larsa and Marcus are not dating or sleeping together or even holding hands at the movies or whatever it is young (ish) couples do these days.  They’re are actually just friends.

Yes, I know that is an anti-climactic end to a story that never was—but that tends to happen when folks are out here minding someone else’s business. Sometimes people are just sitting at a table together, y’all. It happens. 


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