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This is a lot, so take this slowly…

Marliesia Ortiz and Swae Lee are dating. However, the other day Ming Lee Simmons (daughter of Kimora Lee), posted a pic with Swae and called him her alien. Marliesia did not take kindly to it, posting a text exchange with Swae in which he denies anything happening with Ming, saying the pic was from an old party. This caused Marlie to clap at Ming: “Imma leave that at this but let her know she welcome to join us…I mean she bigger than both of us be we can work it out.”

This caused Ming’s LITTLE sister, Aoki to unleash the chopper at Marlie:

“Oh dear Marlie, I don’t even know what to say to you. I’m going to try and speak really clearly to you since I know education and books are a mystery to you and complicated words might be a handful. Ming is NOT the one, and neither is my mother. This is embarrassing, we are laughing at you in Paris (and no MAN had to take Ming to Paris or anyplace for the first time). I’m sorry you can’t keep your man faithful but that has nothing to do with my sister. Keep her name out of your fake plastic face. Run along now, I was nice you don’t want to hear from mama….I would say come get your man but he’s not even yours. If you have anything further to say please use the fan mail contact.”


See Marlie’s clawback and Aoki hitting her with an almighty spirit bomb that destroyed Twitter below…

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Marlie clapped back: “Lmao baby being that I have a college diploma u can stay way and sadly my face isn’t plastic all natural so u can take ur young a$$ on. I flew myself to Paris because I have my own money which is why I’m still here lol. But you wouldn’t know anything about that mommy and multiple baby daddies handles that for you but if u wanna be apart of the family just let me know I’m sure that can be worked out as well I wouldn’t be posting a man who I wasn’t with sorry u would have to pay to look like me I’m blocked so pass this message to whatever the f*** her name is I know she had trouble in school. Like lmao u h** need to get a reality check idgaf how many followers u have all this internet s*** for the birds we can fight if you want?? Ur mom me and ur brother I mean sister and whoever else I’ll be out that way Sunday and we all know I’m with it so…and we’re laughing too cuz according to him y’all are reaching cuz he ain’t even f***, so bust it open then maybe go this hard…maybe mommy can teach you some tips and trick.”

The Aoki hit her with the haymaker: “sis, it’s a college DEGREE so let’s start there. This is so funny to me, who even ARE you? All you have in life is a man who considers your feelings 15% of the time and the rest of the time just ignores you. It’s sad. You have no respect, no career, what are you proud of in life? You want to talk about my mother? She has multiple businesses, a career, a beautiful cultured and prosperous life. What do you have to show for all that talking? And do not speak about my brothers, they are FOUR and TEN and honestly they have more going for them in life than you ever will. Also your grammar is an abomination (I know that’s a big word so google it). Go get some clothes, go get a job, and go get some self-respect.”

Yiiiiikes! Twitter ran wild with all of this. Peep the craziness:

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