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Apryl Jones is back and she’s better than ever, according to the 32-year-old reality personality and mom.

In a video promoting the upcoming sixth season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Jones talked about returning to the show for the new season as the real, unfiltered version of herself after appearing in the first two seasons with ex-boyfriend Omarion.

“Season 6 is my comeback season,” she said. “I feel like what they can expect is just the real Apryl. I feel like when I was on Love and Hip Hop before, I was in a relationship, I was pregnant and I couldn’t really have fun. I wasn’t really filmed with all of the other cast members, so this is me finally as a mom but stepping back into the L.A. life, working, hustling and getting my groove back; you know, feeling sexy, just being bomb, living my best life.”

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What’s changed in her life that people have followed is the fact that she’s been rumored to be dating Lil Fizz (born Dreux Frédéric). Also, her co-parenting relationship with his B2K band mate Omarion is virtually non-existent, as she says she doesn’t get much help, including financially. It’s unclear if the disintegration of Apryl and Omarion’s parenting relationship is a direct cause of how close she is with Fizz, though.

“There’s no relationship between Omari and I, I would honestly say that. We co-parent, and we can’t even do that,” she said. “It’s very difficult. I would honestly say this is probably the worst that it has been in our relationship, because we don’t really communicate because he won’t communicate. It’s hard to be dealing with the court stuff, not communicating, having children, my son’s getting ready to start school, so that’s kind of where we are.”

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“My relationship with Dreux, he’s definitely someone who I always considered just like an angel sent into my life,” she added. “I’ve known him for some years, but we’ve definitely gotten closer over the last two to three years. He has been there through the course of just the sh-t that I deal with with the father of my kids, just helping me in that aspect. I’m a single mom, I have no family in L.A. It’s awesome to be able to have a friend who chooses to do what’s right, to be there and support his friend, to make sure that I’m healthy mentally and honestly, he’s just an angel sent into my life. I’m just truly honestly grateful for him.”

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However, she makes it clear in the interview that Fizz is simply someone she considers a good friend. The two haven’t turned their relationship into anything romantic just yet, but they have bonded over the fact that they struggle to co-parent with their former partners.

“Me and Dreux’s relationship is a friendship. When it pertains to me dealing with the father of my children and how difficult it has been, he’s stepped in. He’s seen the way that Omari doesn’t communicate, or when he does communicate it’s very ignorant at times, and he feels bad for me. Me and him are as close as we are because he’s dealing with someone who’s almost similar to his children. We have that compatibility in both dealing with the mother and father of our children. He steps in just to help me get sleep or when he sees that I don’t have anyone to help me with the children, he’ll be like, ‘You gotta go work, you gotta make your money, go ahead and do what you gotta do — what a friend would do.”

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Still, she admitted that she could possibly fall in love with him down the line, but currently, “where we are is where we are.” They have talked about how they feel about one another but agreed they wouldn’t hop into a relationship without therapy and doing some self-work beforehand. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t need to take all of those type of precautions in order to get in bed with her current BFF.

“I’m not opposed to f–king him, is that what you want me to say? I mean I’m not!” she said. “A b—h needs some d–k and I’d rather give it to a person that’s my friend as opposed to a person who’s just a guy that I’m knowing. He’s deserving of the pu–y. Let’s just be really honest. Dreux is definitely deserving of the pu–y, and if I decide to give it to him one day, I would be proud of that because I have given guys my vagina that don’t deserve it. He deserves it! I deserve it, hell.”

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