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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta starts with The fellas kicking it plus one. It’s the usual, Joc, Scrappy, and Kirk, but then Karlie Redd’s fiance, MO is in the mix too. Joc and Mo are cool despite what could be awkward circumstances. They keep it grown. Kirk then mentions that he and Rasheeda want to plan another couples retreat. Mo says he and Karlie Redd might, but in the meantime, has to go to Arkansas to “take care of some business” and the rest of them tell him they hope it works out.

This is definitely loaded…and sounds shady. We’ve been here tons of time on this show, but anyway, hold that thought because it’s going to come back around.

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Let’s fast forward a bit. Che Mack is at Pooh’s house explaining how silly she feels for taking Pooh’s advice and trying to “expose” Karlie Redd at her engagement party. It took losing her job as a dj to do some self-reflection.

Later on, Che mack is now working as a bartender since she lost her dj gig. Shekinah and Tokyo Vanity meet up with Che before a shift as a bartender to see wtf she was thinking at Karlie’s party. The general consensus is, Che Mack needs to apologize.

Speaking of Karlie Redd, she’s dealing with some real ish. The doctor confirms what he already suspected. She’s having a miscarriage, and he’s devastated.

Meanwhile, Moniece and Tiarra have respective conversations about Scrapp Deleon cheating shenanigans. Scrapp seems to have broken things off with Moniece while telling Teirra that he’s willing to try for the sake of their family.

Heard that one before.

Back to Karlie and Mo. Karlie did some snooping while Mo was gone and found some conversations with a woman in Arkansas so she plans to confront Mo, who plans to tell her what’s up anyway so it’s not really a confrontation. Mo explains to Karlie Redd that he was in Arkansas trying to take care of a DNA test situation. Basically, a woman from his past explained that she has his baby. Mo said he didn’t know the woman was pregnant and she just popped up. He plans to get a DNA test and he plans to take care of his child if it’s his. Karlie is livid, especially because she has been with men who have had babies on her. Mo seems genuine, and you know how hard that is to come by o this show. So, Karlie tells him to gtfoh and that they are done. In fairness, Mo actually seems genuine and like he’s telling the truth. Karlie is being hasty and unwilling to hear him out. Maybe she’ll come back around.

Erica Dixon is pregnant with twins and kept it a surprise until she felt like telling her girls. She has an announcement party with her girls and then Che Mack comes waltzing in. Karlie is there too. Che Mack apologizes to Karlie and they call a truce. Karlie even apologizes for having been rude to her.

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Finally, the episode winds down with Moniece confronting Scrapp about him being caught kissing Tommy as well as Tiarra having a problem with her on social media, and al his other drama with women yatta yatta. Now Scrapp is changing his tune. He said he was never exclusive with anyone (but probably lead them all to believe that) but now he’s preparing to be a family again with Tiarra. Moniece is over it (for now) and that’s that. We all know Scrapp is still lying though. He’ll get caught again soon enough. See you next week.

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