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Word on the street is Marvel is working on multiple new potential franchises, including The Eternals, which will center superheroes from Jack Kirby’s 1970s comics. For the uninitiated, The Eternals chronicled a fictional species of part-human, part-immortal beings who were the result of experiments led by a group called the Celestials.

“The Celestials tasked the Eternals with using their superpowers to protect the Earth from the threat of the Deviants, and then went on about their merry cosmic way,” Gizmodo explains. “While each Eternal has different individual powers and abilities, they have a few shared traits. Aside from long-lasting life and regenerative properties, Eternals could also manipulate cosmic energy in a similar manner to the Celestials, and any gathered group of three could merge their forms into a psionic entity known as a Unimind, which amplified the powers of the three Eternals it was made up of.

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Now, the really exciting part: Marvel’s looking to bring this story to the big screen, and according to VICE and That Hashtag Show, an anonymous source says they’re also aiming to bring an openly gay actor to the MCU. Particularly, they’re looking for an actor between the ages of 30-49 who “physically looks like a superhero.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Marvel has centered a queer superhero in their comics, but it will be the first time one will hit theaters.

That Hashtag Show elaborates, “Over the past several years, Marvel Studios has made an impressive effort to make films more representative of the modern world and this is another example of them making good on that. This role will mark the first time Marvel Studios has featured an openly gay male as a lead as this character will have a major presence in the film alongside the other leads expected to be Sersi, Ikaris and “Piper.’”

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