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2017 Soul Train Awards Show

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Via Madamenoire:

Tamar Braxton often details her desire to be a better person. Yet when she’s presented with the opportunity to take the high road, it’s not the choice she makes. Furthermore, there are often times when she goes out of her way to inject nastiness and negativity in situations and circumstances that don’t even concern her.

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Recently, Tina Knowles-Lawson posted a video of Duranice Pace, of the legendary gospel-singing Pace family, singing “Amazing Grace.” And it was beautiful, Black and anointed.

And most of the comments corroborated this fact. Sadly, Tamar left this comment on the post:

“Yeah but the wig is stressing me out.”

For those who don’t know, Duranice is one of several sisters. And when they saw Tamar’s comment, they immediately came to her defense.

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Lushun Pace, known for her rendition of “I Know I Been Changed,” was the first to respond. In the same comment section, she wrote:

“I love my oldest sister! With everything she has gone through in life she is yet singing through it all. Touch not mine anointed @tamarbraxton.”

Later, Leslie Pace shared a Facebook Live video to share her thoughts about the whole situation. And she spoke directly to Tamar.

“Tamar Braxton took it upon herself to be evil…Initially, as a little sister—because sometimes people have the tendency to think that because we are singers and gospel singers and preachers and teachers and saved and filled with God’s precious Holy Ghost, you all have a tendency to make us not normal and not real. Sometimes people don’t think we have feelings. But that’s my big sister. And no, we haven’t posted everything that she’s been going through in her health because it’s her health issues…For those of you that have seen my sister in the past few years, she doesn’t have long, lengthy, beautiful hair. She didn’t shave her hair because she wanted to. She shaved her hair because of the medication and everything that she’s been going through. But I didn’t come on here for that because I don’t have to defend my sister. My sister is a beautiful person, whether she has long hair or the short hair that she’s rocking…

But she made a negative comment about my sister. Tamar always talking about “hallelu” and talking about Jesus. But I don’t think she understands Jehovah. I don’t think you understand, Ms. Braxton, about touching God’s anointed. I don’t think you ever read the story about the people, the children that were picking at the prophet with the bald head. And two bears came out of the woods and annihilated them. I don’t think you’ve seen that one. You probably haven’t seen it because most people like you, unless it’s on tv or you tell somebody tell you, you don’t know the word of the Lord. So I get it. I get that you are insecure and you are hurting, so you want to hurt someone else. I understand. I get it that when you hear anointing, it bothers you because you don’t have it. I can get with that. But the thing about the anointing my sister has, that yoke that’s in your life, if you let her sing and pray for you long enough, it will break off and you won’t be evil. Because I know that you really don’t like being evil but because it has gotten you so much attention to this day, then therefore you live in it. But God has more for you, precious. He wants you to be delivered, he wants you to be free. He wants you to really be happy. There is happiness out there for you, in Jesus. But you first have to be delivered.

When I first read your comment, I went into little sister mode. I was five years old swinging. I was hot. But then I saw. I read your comments but then I read your spirit and I saw that you’re broken. I saw that you are hurt. I saw that you are insecure and I don’t fault you for your comments because those are the kind of comments that insecure people make about another singer. They try to find something take away. You couldn’t take away the voice, you couldn’t take away the anointing, you can’t take away how she made you feel. So that spirit wouldn’t let you rest and let her be who she is. You had to say something that was ugly and evil…

When your spirit is tainted and dark and hurt and bruised, the only thing that came out of you is dark, tainted, dark and bruised things…

I defended you. I would defend her to other people, Tamar. I knew that you needed help but I just didn’t realize that it was really that deep that you would touch somebody that loves the Lord and was only trying to do good….”

You can watch her full comments in the video below.



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