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Game is STILL referencing Kim Kardashian and the time the two had together way back when in his raps. During a preview of his upcoming final album, Born To Rap, the Compton rapper played a track where he, in no short detail, references to a time Kim allegedly performed a sex act on him.

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“I held Kim Kardashian by her throat, n***!” raps Game, to a packed studio. “I made her swallow my kids, untill she choke n***a!”

Now, it’s completely unclear whether or not Game is lifting scenes from a past life, getting his Zane on with a little erotic storytelling or something else but Kardashian’s husband Kanye West probably won’t be too pleased with the line. After all, he still has a beef with Drake over following Kim on Instagram and being chummy. But in the next line, Game considers apologizing to his co-star from “Wouldn’t Get Far.”

He raps, “I should apologize cause Ye my folks, n***a!”


Kanye of course hasn’t responded … yet but again, Kim remains one of the more referenced women in hip-hop, good or bad. Is this going to lead to another round of apologies or is Game going to stick by the lyric? We’ll see what happens.


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