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Problems in The Bedroom

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via MadameNoire.com:

Tipsy sex (with mutual and clear consent!) can be fun, but it can also be a mood killer for some (for those of us who tend to be vomit-y, yikes).

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According to sex therapist Laurie Watson for Psychology Today, there can be benefits and downsides for drunk sex.

Here are a few:

Bye Bye, Body Insecurity

For some people, your body image insecurities can fly out the window when you’ve had a drink. “Body image concerns or worries about pleasing a partner or reaching orgasm can be relaxed with a glass of wine,” Watson explains.

It can also help relax a man’s performance anxiety.

“Alcohol may also make erotic talk seem easier. Focusing on performance suffocates a man’s instinct to initiate, and a small amount of alcohol can reduce his fear of a poor outcome and increase his sexual courage.”

Alcohol Can Release Stress

“Alcohol’s depressant properties slow down the neurons in our brain temporarily, lowering pressure and tension from our worries,” Watson explains. “And optimal sex requires us to focus on the sensations in the body letting go of our stressors and endless to-do lists.”

You Start To Talk, A lot

A drink or two may encourage you and your partner to be more vulnerable. “If a partner needs their spouse to open up in order to make it emotionally safe to feel sexual, small amounts of alcohol may increase their relatedness,” Watson described.

But Don’t Forget The Consent

Consent goes both ways, whether you are both drinking, or just one of you us drinking. “Obviously, not to have clear consent with a partner means drinking and attempting sex can also be a risk for a misunderstanding or even an accusation,” said Watson.



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