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Black people continue to get the police called on them for no reason. Davon Eddington was drinking outside his home as well as talking to his brother on the phone about LeBron James and during the conversation mentioned a Jay-Z quote.

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Gary With Da Tea said that he used a line from “99 Problems,” when talking about becoming a Lakers fan and said, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.”

Moments later the cops came to his home with their guns drawn because the neighbor called them and thought he was going to hurt his wife.

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In other news, the first aunt Viv aka Janet Hubert has just landed a role on “General Hospital.” In the past Hubert has accused Will Smith of black balling her and keeping her away from acting, but it looks like fans will now get to see her everyday.

Catch all of Gary’s Tea up top!

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