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There was a flier circulating online that was supposedly from the Ku Klux Klan, which reads, “The KKK wants you! We’re calling upon all fellow Trump supporters, to show up and protest against the radical left.” The grammatically incorrect flier reads in all caps, “STOP BLACK LIVES MATTERS (sic) HATE GROUP.”

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See the alleged flier below:

One Black Facebook group posted the image with the caption, “Thats (sic) how kkk recruit. Send flyers out knock on doors Big and bold. Before they wore masks because they were our Doctors ,lawyers, council members, police officers, firemen, teachers, Judges now orange 45 made it acceptable to be bold and cool . This is what America the land of the free and brave has become.”

There have been several reactions on social media. See below:

Although many like to downplay the Ku Klux Klan as just men with white hoods, they are a terrorist group. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the KKK America’s first terrorist group: “Despite their peculiarities, they all share the deep-seated hatred and resentment that has given life to the Klan and terrorized minorities and Jews in this country for more than a century.”

The site also states, “Many of the leaders of neo-Nazi and Patriot organizations started in the Klan and continued to espouse the hooded order’s racist ideology in their new roles. This legacy of hate was a testament to the power of the Klan and its enduring influence for over a century.”

Hopefully, the people of Austin are aware of the terrorist rally and no one is hurt or worse.

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