Black Lives Matter

Fans are speculating that the two are splitting but Gary shares texts from Cynthia and shares some tea on their situation.

Black Lives Matter has been scrutinized after its co-founder Patrisse Cullors was called out for its misuse of the donations given to the foundation. Now, the IRS has dropped receipts in the form of tax forms, and it details where a good portion of the money went. The post IRS Drops Tax Forms Detailing Black Lives Matter Co-Founder’s Use of Donation Money appeared first on The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired.

22-year-old Tory Brown was gunned down by officers who said he had a warrant out of Clayton County for violation of probation, and that he refused to comply with police demands to exit the apartment

James Brown, 41, who pleaded guilty to criminal interference with federally protected housing rights based upon the victims' race, was not happy with a Black family organizing a civil rights protest in Virginia. So he burned a cross on their lawn.

After several hours the department deleted the tweet without explanation. Still, the post raises questions about the department's capacity to care about Black men killed by police and other forms of violence against Black and other communities of color.

A Black couple from Michigan who had their home shot at by a 25-year-old white man due to his anger over the Black Lives Matter sign in their window surprisingly had nothing but forgiveness for their attacker during his sentencing.

According to a complaint filed by a regional official with the National Labor Relations Board, employees at a Home Depot in Minneapolis claim the branch used its uniform policy to punish them for displaying BLM activism during work hours.

The International Olympic Committee reissued their stance on barring political speech or silent acts of protest at the games, with a specific reference to the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

The players are seen wearing Black t-shirts emblazoned with the words "accountability," "equality," and "justice."

Here is one instance when police bodycam footage actually worked in getting racist cops fired.