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When you get in a relationship, your partner becomes your best friend. They should be an extension of you – especially if you’re married. That said, you should be able to confide in and depend on them, but most of all, trust them. As Rock-T put it, “If you don’t trust each other, drama is waiting to disrupt and destroy your relationship instantly.”

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In a recent video, he and his wife Krystal spoke on trust in relationships and both agreed that communication is key. The truth may sometimes hurt, but it’s a sign of respect and the vulnerability of it helps you grow together. If you can’t be open and honest with your bestie, how far will that relationship go? You have to trust them enough to open up.

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That’s not always an easy task, but it’s totally doable with effort. See a few tips suggested to help build trust in your relationship below.

1. Communicate effectively

Communication is an important factor in building trust between partners in a relationship. Partners should communicate their problems instead of sitting on them and brooding. When it comes to communication, do it face to face. A personal verbal communication strengthens the bond between partners in a relationship.

2. Don’t keep secrets from each other

Trust needs openness and honesty. If you are planning on building trust in a relationship, you must not plan to keep secrets and be open with your partner. To be a trustworthy partner, you must be honest in all your dealings and conversations with your partner.

3. Learn to say no

Don’t pander to the whims of your partner just to make him or her happy, as it will ruin the relationship.


4. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries helps in explaining how much space you’re comfortable with, in a relationship, emotionally or physically.

5. Do not cheat on your partner

It is in the natural composition of humans to be attracted to more than one person. But this does not warrant you to cheat on your partner. Even if you are bored of the relationship, spunk it up or else walk out of it. You should not cheat on your partner because he/she is not fun to be with or you do not enjoy his or her company anymore. To build trust in a relationship, make sure you tell your partner clearly that you’re not happy with the way things are between the two of you, and sort it out, or else, walk out of the relationship.

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