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Amina Buddafly was not playin’ with Peter Gunz over the weekend.

Peter decided to post a birthday message to Cori, one of the daughters he shares with Amina, but Amina was not here for it.

According to her, Peter tried to save face with that post because he had promised to be in Hamburg, Germany for Cori’s birthday, but he had broken that promise, a habit that Amina called him out for.

“U ain’t gona [sic] be waiting for nobody in L.A. u ain’t gona be there when we get back like u wasn’t there last month and the month before or the moth [sic] before that, despite saying u will…posting on here but not one call..saying u was gona come to Germany when we knew u wasn’t gona make it was whack, and honestly in the past I’ve gotten disappointed by you lots but this is the very first time in my life I’m disappointed in you as a FATHER. We good. We get it. And we will be fine. My daughters got all they need deuces,” she wrote under his post. .

Peter responded by saying that he tried his hardest to make it to Germany, but it just didn’t work out. He even said that the other four women he has children with – Jazz, Gina, Erika, and Tara – can “point out [him] missing a few birthdays right here in the states.”

And in a statement later released to The ShadeRoom, Amina attempted to clarify why she put Peter on blast.

“To be clear I’m not made Peter missed his daughters birthday…I just don’t like someone continuously making promises they don’t keep, that is all,” she wrote.

Well, it strikes me as odd that Amina would be surprised that Peter wouldn’t be able to keep promises. The man was in a whole relationship with Tara Wallace when he decided to marry Amina on a whim. We were all able to see this unfold on Love & Hip Hop: New York.

And to add further insult to injury, Peter also had his third child with Tara when he was still married to Amina. So, why is she surprised that he would be a no-show at their daughter’s 4th birthday out of the country?

Luckily, Amina doesn’t have to deal with Peter’s broken promises on a daily basis. She filed for divorced earlier this year, and I hope that for her sake, it’s finalized soon.

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