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Detective Chris Anderson is back and giving us safety tips that can save your life. Rickey Smiley talked about how when his daughters and nieces go out he tells them to valet if they can so no one is following them back to their car late at night. Anderson mentioned that people are checking and watching you at all times and in social settings like parties you must watch yourself.

He spoke about if you’re going out try to leave with a group of friends instead of by yourself. While at the party try to keep and eye on each other. If you’re drinking at the party never leave your beverage unattended because someone could possibly slip something in it. Even if you leave it for a second just go get another one.

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80 % of people that are robbed know their attacker. Make sure you turn off your locations when using social media and try not to use it as much. Da Brat spoke about how when she was on social media one day and it told everyone where she was. Use these safety tips at all times and be aware of your surroundings.

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