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Rickey Smiley is back and speaking about racism in America. He talked about the incidents that have happened recently with White people calling cops on Black people for no reason. A little Black girl got the cops called on her for selling water, the Black men in Starbucks the same as well as a family trying to have a BBQ.

He also spoke about how when he goes out he can feel the racial tension as well as the vibe and energy. Rickey spoke to Glennon Threatt and he mentioned that we have to talk to our kids before they leave the house. He believes that what will end up happening is a race war.

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Rickey is just disgusted by what is happening with this country. He will not be treated like a second class citizen and will not become a slave. Rickey also spoke about his nephews and son going out this morning and this feeling that came over him. He told them not to play the music loud, don’t argue with the police, wear seatbelts and to make sure they get in touch with him if anything happens.

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