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Watch out Oprah wants to give you money jig, there is a new scam in town making its rounds on Instagram. No, you never had a shot at becoming a Nike ambassador.

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By now you might have seen one or few of your followers posting a flyer with a set of instructions from a now-deleted account called @nike.recruitss claiming to be affiliated with sportswear brand. The instructions asked those IG users with more than 250 followers who were gullible enough to fall for it to do the following:

  1. Follow the account so they can contact them.
  2. Repost the flyer and tag @nike.recruitss

If they complied with the jig in hopes to be chosen as an “ambassador,” they would receive 3 pairs of shoes, clothing, and accessories from Nike’s “2018 summer line.”


A curious Twitter user asked the company directly if in fact if the account is real and they responded: “That is not an authorized Nike account. Let us know if we can help you with anything else.”

No one knows precisely what the goal of the scam was, but before its deletion, the account had 1,300 followers while another page @nikerecruits (also deleted) managed to amass 85,000. Some people believe it was a way to accumulate a sizeable follower count quickly before rebranding the page. Looks like that won’t be happening and we think just to be safe if you fell for the jig you should change your password.

Of course’, it wouldn’t be a moment if social media didn’t make light of those unfortunate individuals who just wanted to be Nike Ambassadors and get some free gear.

Be safe on these internet streets yall. Hit the flip to see more hilarious reactions to the Nike scam below.

Photo: Dave Thompson – PA Images / Getty

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