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Today is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being assassinated outside of his hotel room in Memphis. Callers spoke about whether he would be proud or upset with how the world is today and many of them said both. Some believe that he would be proud of the marches and standing for injustice, but disappointed in some of our young people.

The status of King’s dream is very much alive, but we are still battling a lot of the same issues. Rickey Smiley spoke about how ministers need to speak up more about injustice while talking to their congregations. The ones that don’t aren’t helping the situations.

Rickey mentioned that it’s one of the reasons he loves Pastor Jamal Bryant because no matter what he’s facing he always is ready to march and speak about injustice. Other should follow his lead and learn from him. Without some of these ministers speaking out the congregation won’t be behind them.

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