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Rickey Smiley can remember growing up and seeing Martin Luther King. Jr. photos and quotes in his mothers as well as grandmothers house. The day before he was assassinated his kids climbed on tops of the car and didn’t want him to leave. King even asked his secretary to clear his schedule when he returned so that he could have more time with his kids.

Roland Martin spoke with his secretary and how she can recall all the events that led up to his death. He also spoke about how Black people today are running from movements in which we started. Gay, Latino and other people use movements to change laws and see progress, but we as a people aren’t doing that as much because of fear and other things.

In the 60’s people marched even though it put a target on them and their family. Martin also spoke about how King spoke against the Vietnam war and he believes that speech is what led to his death. He also thinks everyone should read the book by King titled “Where Do We Go From Here.” It gives a plan of what will happen after his death.

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