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The incompetence in the Trump administration is an epidemic. However, Ben Carson is a special case.

Where shall we began? Last month, he was accused in a lawsuit by Helen Foster of demoting her for not approving extravagant office renovations. Marcus Smallwood, the department’s director of records, wrote an email to Carson and other top officials, which was shared with The Guardian and read, “Helen Foster is not the only person at HUD that has been persecuted in this witch-hunt under your watch… She is the only person who has been brave enough to stand on principle and put her career, reputation, and livelihood on the line. The rest of us have operated in fear.”


We can never forget nearly $200,00 in office renovations, which he blamed on his wife. In addition,there are accusations of his family being too involved at HUD, emails proving he has lied and reports of Carson using taxpayer money for private  planes. Oh, and Katrina Hubbard, an  executive assistant and one of the few Black people who worked at HUD, was fired for reporting possible corruption and “misuse of public funds.”

The Guardian reported Hubbard “became a civil servant at HUD in September last year and worked as executive assistant to Johnson Joy, Hud’s chief information officer.” In addition, ” she discovered that Accel Corporation, a contractor that supplies Joy’s office with staff, was being systematically overpaid. Some Accel subcontractors were falsely classed in higher pay grades, she said, while some billed for days and hours they had not worked. Naved Jafry, one Accel subcontractor, resigned from the department recently after the Guardian found he exaggerated his biography and had been repeatedly sued for fraud. Hubbard said she told Hud’s inspector general of her findings on 8 January this year.” Carson’s deadpan response? “You’re welcome to say whatever you want.”

All of this messiness has not gone unnoticed by Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren. In a Senate oversight hearing yesterday, she and other Democrats ripped into Carson over his complete failure at HUD. Warren beautifully said, “The biggest scandal of your tenure is your unwillingness to do your job and enforce the laws that reduce housing discrimination and segregation across this country. It is HUD’s job to help end housing discrimination—that’s what the law said. You said you would enforce these laws, you haven’t, and I think that’s the scandal that should get you fired.”

Watch the video below:

Thank you, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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