A viral social media post claimed without proof that Ben Carson is Donald Trump's "frontrunner" to be his 2024 vice president running mate. The post Ben Carson Is ‘Frontrunner’ To Be Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate, Viral Rumor Claims appeared first on NewsOne.

Carson, who serves as the secretary of HUD under President Donald Trump, was at an election night watch party and may have exposed others.

One of Trump’s favorite Blacks, Ben Carson learned that neither he and any members of the Trump administration are not welcomed in the city of Baltimore.

The Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development continues to put his incompetence on full blast.


Comedy is about truth-telling, and some conservatives are mad that Marlon Wayans told nothing but the truth about the destructive secretary of HUD, Ben Carson. In his NBC sitcom appropriately titled Marlon, his son poses for a photo shoot and the title “Funky Monkey” is superimposed on his shirt, a plot taken from the H&M controversy. Sign Up For Our […]


Continuing with tradition, lower income Americans continue to get the shaft and be hit with some of the most devastating blows as they attempt to live lives just like everyone else. The latest measure to penalize the poor comes from Ben Carson, who has proposed to severely increase the rent in low-income housing. HUD […]