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We’re still in Spain on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, sans Porsha. We start with the group relocating to another hotel, and NeNe informing the crew why Porsha decided to leave. Nene isn’t messy at all in her delivery and does a good job explaining Porsha’s side of the story.

Sheree sneaks off to talk to her #prisonbae, Tyrone, once they get to the next hotel, and Kandi gets the bright idea to dress Sheree in sexy clothes and send the pics to her man. That suggestion opens Pandora’s box when Kandi asks Nene if she talked to Sheree about #prisonbae because of the tension between the two. You remember how Nene was talking smack about the fact that Sheree was dating him right? And then Tyrone told Sheree that Nene is jealous because she used to have a thing for him back in the day. Nene is not happy with this line of questioning, gets really testy and says that she has been married for over 20 years, that she has never been out with Tyrone and that she doesn’t want to talk about this again. Nene’s defense level is on 100, which makes her look a little suspect, especially when she mentions that they never dated. No one at the table insinuated that they dated though. Guilty much?


When Sheree comes back, Kandi presents the photoshoot idea. Sheree is resistant at first, but she comes around. Sheree is surprisingly shy and awkward, but the girls, especially the models (Eva and Cynthia) hook her up with styling and posing advice. After the shoot, it becomes a full-on party in the room and they bond and have a genuinely good time dipping and doing without bickering back and forth for once.


But this is Real Housewives of Atlanta, so we’ll see how long the unity lasts, especially when Kandi spills the beans to Sheree about how Nene told on herself (Nene is obviously not in the room). So now, they’re thinking that there’s something Nene isn’t telling them and that’s when Sheree reveals what Tyrone told her and that Nene had also tried to undercut her when it came to club appearances that Tyrone was responsible for. He’s some kind of promoter who tried to hire Sheree for appearances, and when Nene found out about the opportunity she swooped in, calling Tyrone and trying to get all the money. So that’s the heart of their beef. Basically, they’ve been kind of cordial since then, but they haven’t really been cool.

Finally, the group finds themselves on Spanish shores after a mini road trip. Cynthia set this up hoping to encourage positivity among the group. They each light candles and are assigned a woman to say nice things about. It all goes well.

But Kim got some splaining to do when they get back to the United States because Nene and Kandi have questions for her.

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