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Michelle Obama has always been one to share advice and inspire young women. The Huffington Post reports the former first lady interviewed with several young ladies as a feature for Refinery 29. One of the young ladies, Alejandra Santizo asked about how women could become leaders and Obama gave a great response.

She said, “My best advice to girls, including my own daughters, is do not be afraid to fail. So often, our own fear of failure is the thing that keeps us back. We think we have to be perfect, that if we make even the tiniest mistake, it’s a catastrophe. That’s simply not true!” Obama also mentioned that the way to succeed is by failing.

She also spoke about how you must be kind to other women. Obama said, “I also advise girls to be supportive of each other. I cannot say this enough! Too often we’re taught that we have to compete, or that someone else’s failure is our success. But we can all rise together; we can all win. We have to be a team of women and girls who love each other and value each other and cherish one another. Because if we don’t cherish each other, no one else will.”

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