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27-year-old Keiauna Davis showed up for work at the Dollar Tree and planned to use part of her tax refund to buy supplies for her daughter’s birthday party. BET reports that her co-worker saw the cash and then texted her friend to rob Davis. They hired another young man to drive the robber to the location where they were going to attack her.

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Keiauna Davis was a 27-year-old mother trying to provide for her family. She had gotten her tax return and was looking forward to using her hard-earned money — $3,000 — to provide for her children. But there were others in her circle that knew she had just gotten the money. Her co-worker, identified by authorities as Laya Whitley, apparently texted a man, Dane Taylor, telling him about Davis' tax return money. According to WTAE, Whitley allegedly told Taylor in a text message, "This girl at my job brought 7 bands to work ain't that some s***." A following text to Whitley said, "It's a go delete all dez text." That's when authorities said a third suspect, Kaijin Scott, went to go pick up Taylor in his car. Scott said that he was told that a Taylor needed to go see a girl to get some money. They went to the back of a Dollar General store. That's when Scott claims Taylor got out of the car and when he came back in he had a gun in his hand and a mask on his face. This is what happened next, according to WTAE: Scott told police Taylor received a text on his phone which said ,"Go!" At that point, he followed Taylor's directions, leading them to the victim, Davis, walking up Laketon Road. Scott was told to pull ahead of the victim, get out, and pretend to be fixing the car. Davis saw the man with the gun and broke out running, according to media accounts of the incident. She ran into an open field in an attempt to get away, but she fell. That's when a struggle of some kind took place, and Davis was shot. The gunman got up and ran back toward the car with a purse full of the $3,000. He came back moments later to retrieve a cellphone, authorities said. Badly injured and bleeding, Davis can be seen on security video crawling toward the sidewalk, according to CBS Pittsburgh. Read more at BlackGirlTragic.com #keiaunadavis #blackwomen, #blackwoman, #blackness, #blackgirl, #blackgirls, #ebony, #ebonywomen, #ebonygirls, #africangoddess, #africanqueen, #nubianqueen, #nubianqueens, #blackqueens, #blackgirlmagic #blackgirltragic #respectblackwomen #stopkillingus #Pennsyvlania

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Davis was followed to her car and then they chased her. A gun was pulled out as Davis began to scuffle with one of the robbers. They fired several shots at her and a couple missed, but then one hit her and ultimately killed her.

The mother of Davis, Sheila Detwiler said, “It wasn’t just $3,000 you took. You took so much more from so many people. They will suffer much more than my daughter did. They’ve got the rest of their lives to suffer. I want this to haunt them.” We will keep you updated on what happens with their convictions.

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