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As you’ve probably heard, Mo’Nique is calling for a boycott of Netflix for only offering her $500,000 for a comedy special. During a series of interviews and postings on social media, Mo’Nique has been slamming various celebrities, but the comedian has a long history of putting people on blast.

The Oscar winner always claims she is speaking her truth, but others say she is just straight up hating. You be the judge.

Roland Martin

On Friday, January 26, 2018, Roland Martin tweeted at @democracync, “Love what y’all do! Keep pushing for democracy in North Carolina!” Mo’Nique then questioned Roland’s activism with the tweet below:

Roland quickly and respectfully clapped back:

He even called out her husband Sidney Hicks:

Mo’Nique hasn’t responded yet — but she might want to fall back from Roland Martin. His activism resume is as long as her acting and comedy resume.

Will Packer

While on Sway’s morning show on SiriusXM, Mo’Nique revealed that the lead actors of 2016’s Almost Christmas were paid less than one million dollars combined to appear in the film. She called out Will Packer, who was a producer on the film. Mo’Nique claimed that she (along with her husband) met with Packer and “that man looks us in our eyes and he says, ‘I would like to offer you a three-picture deal and a sitcom, but I need you to do me this solid.’ That’s why I did it.” She described Packer as a Black producer who walked her to a “slave ship.” See below, the comments start around the ten-minute mark:

However, Jawn Murray reported that Will Packer tried to work with Mo’nique but she and her husband were extremely demanding. Jawn even claims that Packer alleges Mo’Nique’s husband tried to “swindle” more money out of a studio producer. You can watch a clip of Jawn’s video here.

Sheryl Underwood and Steve Harvey

In the same Sway in the morning interview above, Mo’Nique claims Sheryl Underwood told her to take low offers. Sheryl quickly responded on The Talk, “I do not recollect ever asking her to take less money, especially if she felt she was violated. What I asked her to do and what I was hoping that she would do was talk to Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels… Now, she may not agree with me but what I do commend her for now is having the discussion that will hopefully open the door to solving this racial and gender inequity problem that we see.”

Mo’Nique clapped back in a podcast rant, “I watched my sister Sheryl Underwood sit on that stage on The Talk and she said, ‘Let me be clear about something. I never told Mo’Nique to take low offers. I told Mo’Nique if she asked for forgiveness from Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry then things would be okay.’ Sheryl Underwood is telling a lie. I can’t call my sister a liar but I will say she’s lying. I have the proof of the conversation.”

She also called out Steve Harvey for saying on his radio show that she has burned a lot of bridges, but won’t have her on the show to explain her side. Mo’Nique said, “Someone put in the room, it’s a damn shame Steve Harvey would meet with Donald Trump, but now with our sister.” She also added, “I remember when he came out with the meeting with Donald Trump, he said, ‘He a good man!’ … But you on your radio show, saying that this woman is messing it up.” Watch below:

Kym Whitley

Kym Whitley was asked about Mo’Nique blasting Tyler Perry, Oprah and Lee Daniels on The Real back in May. Whitley was fairly diplomatic by explaining comedians express their frustrations on stage so she understood Mo’Nique’s anger. She also joked Mo’Nique was starting to sound like the “old auntie at a table.” See below:

Mo’Nique responded by “exposing” their friendship in an over 13-minute rant. She revealed private conversations and even accused Kym of flirting with her husband Sidney.


Mo’Nique has been blasting Oprah for years. Reportedly, it all started when Oprah asked Mo’Nique why she wasn’t doing more press for 2009’s Precious. Then, Oprah allegedly had Mo’Nique’s abusive family on The Oprah Winfrey Show — it’s unclear if Mo’Nique gave her permission. Now, Mo’Nique is calling out Oprah for being “complicit” in the way she has been treated, in the same Sway interview referenced above, she stressed, “My family is hurting because these low offers keep coming in … When those four entities, Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Lionsgate, allowed that lie to go on and simply because I would not work for free.”

Most recently, she took more shots at Oprah, especially at the idea of her running for president. She questions why Black women would support Oprah. “See, everybody talking Oprah Winfrey for president and we are rallying behind her. The Black women are saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’ — but let me ask y’all a question, when does she ever rally behind us? What award show does she get up on the stage and say, ‘hashtag me too’?”

Tyler Perry

Speaking of Tyler Perry, Mo’Nique also blamed the mogul for the bad press she got around Precious and still partially blames him for receiving low offers now. Here is one of many Mo’Nique’s brutal rants about Tyler Perry, which went down back in May.

Lee Daniels

Mo has been ripping into Lee Daniels ever since he said in 2015 that she needs to “play ball” in Hollywood. Allegedly, Mo’Nique was originally supposed to play Cookie in Empire, but Fox was weary of her so-called reputation — Daniels has denied this. Here is one of many clips of Mo calling out Lee Daniels, Tyler and Oprah, where she famously said, “Y’all could suck my d*ck if I had one!”

Mo’Nique’s call-out list also includes The Talk‘s Julie Chen, The Real‘s Adrienne Bailon, Tony RockCharlamagne Tha God and  probably more than we can count.

Well, no one can say Mo’Nique doesn’t fight for what she believes is right.

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