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Headkrack recently took his talents to Chicago where he performed a freestyle that some people will never forget. Before performing he sat down with Mandi Vee for an interview to talk about his new single, “All The Way Lit” and his love for freestyling. If you listen to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” then you know on Friday, Headkrack and Da Brat have a segment where they freestyle for listeners about different topics.

Headkrack revealed that music is his first love and said, “Music is forever.” Music has a lasting impression on you and then he explained like when you hear a Marvin Gaye song that was created years ago, but has that affect on you. Many don’t know, but he has been rhyming for a long time.

Freestyling not only helps Headkrack on the radio, but makes him focus on his love of music more. Everyday he is making bigger impressions on people with his knowledge of hip-hop and his style. During his interview he also talked about concerts he would love to attend and people in music he looks up to.

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