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Tennessee pastor Thaddeus A. Matthews went viral after going on a rant about how real he is. According to Ebony, he can be compared to as the pastor version of Samuel L. Jackson. During his live stream a woman wrote about how he should not be cursing as a pastor and the it was a sign of “the last days.”

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Matthews even called the woman a “b*tch” several times and had some more things to get off his chest. He said, “I’m the cussing pastor while your mother*cking pastor ain’t doing a god*amn thing. I’m the cussing pastor that used my platform to raise $6000 for this mother that was going through a plight, where these other ignorant-a**, non-functioning-a** pastors wasn’t doing a mother*cking thing in the city.”

The pastor even had the nerve to say that Jesus cursed. He said, “See, I don’t play. It’s about being real, the truth, and I don’t give a damn what none of you b*tches say, or none of you hoe-a** ni**as either! It’s about telling the truth just like it is.” Watch the video and let us know what you think about the cursing pastor.

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