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The NAACP is demanding that a New Jersey gun ranger owner take down his billboard because of what it shows and says. According to BusinessInWard, the sign has stirred up a lot of controversy in town.

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The billboard says, “The only time we take a knee,” with an image of a soldier kneeling and holding a gun. Many feel that the sign is racist and is offensive. They also feel it is mocking players in the NFL that take a knee during the National Anthem as they protest racial inequality.

The owner, Wesley Aducat said, “It has absolutely nothing to do with race. It’s just support for our veterans.” He also doesn’t mind NFL players kneeling and that this sign isn’t trying to take away anything from their protest. Do you think the sign should be taken down?

Aducat actually says he believes the NFL players have a right to protest and he’s not trying to stop them. He would prefer if they stand for the anthem, but he doesn’t believe they should be forced to do so.

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