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Rickey Smiley Promotes His Book 'Stand By Your Truth'

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Rickey Smiley has been on a tour for his book “Stand By Your Truth And Then Run For Your Life” for quite some time now sharing his story. He recently went to Detroit to share with them what inspired the book, talk about being a single father raising 5 kids and even share some of his talents in this video with Click On Detroit.

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While speaking to the host Rickey spoke about the importance of disciplining your kids and how if you don’t you could possibly be laying over their casket in the future. He mentioned that parenting is not a popularity contest and he is not trying to be his kids best friend. Many are also intrigued by Rickey’s stories of being a gun shot victim, losing his dad at a young age and how his career launched.

While on the show he also showed off his piano talents with a surprise performance. Fans on the set were excited and wanted him to play trap music, but instead he did a gospel song. A women even came on set to sing along to Rickey’s playing and it was a beautiful moment to watch.

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