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If you haven’t watched season one of the hit web series “Makeup X Breakup” you are truly missing out. Writer/director, Eric Dickens created a storyline many can not only relate to, but develop a love and hate relationship with each character. In an exclusive interview with Dickens, Nicolette Ellis “Brooke” and Omar Salmon “Blake,” they give us a little insight on not only what we can expect for this upcoming season, but how it was filming the first season.

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The show covers so many topics from battling mental illness, infidelity and just not knowing what the heart really wants. “Makeup X Breakup” is shot in NYC and Dickens explained that what he realized in the big city is when people build relationships, breakup and sometimes they aren’t willing to give it another try. This season fans should expect to see why Ellis’s character acts the way she does and how Salmon moves on from Brooke and opens up to love again.

This talented group has won several accolades this year from being accepted into the 2017 Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival to speaking at The Urban Web Summit. If you thought season one sent your heart into a frenzy just wait and check out season 2, which will be released on November 1st!

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