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A father in Texas is furious and in fear of his daughters safety after she received a threatening message by a classmate on Snapchat. R.J. King’s daughter attends Woodlands High School and he saw the racist message that was sent to his daughter.

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According to BET, after his daughter posted that she was in support of the NFL players that took a knee that’s when this began. His daughter was sent a message from a classmate saying, “U liberals dumb as hell.” She responded back with, “Idk how tf racism got brought into this.” Then he told her, “Im standin up for my country. Ya’ll always gotta be starting s**t. We should have hung all u n****rs while we had the chance and trust me it would make the world better.”

King and his wife went to the school to show the messages, but the boy wasn’t suspended. The school offered his daughter crisis counseling and now the family might take legal action. Although the district does not tolerate what was done, they said, “Campus and district administration are committed to providing safe and caring learning environments for all of our students. Furthermore, reinforcing respect for others and building unity continues to be a top priority across our campuses as it is in our communities, and we are researching additional resources to support our students with these essential life principles.”

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