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Independent Network News Anchor, Tells President Obama ‘Be a Leader’ & Fight Against Radical Islam

Source: Screen Capture / Youtube

Tomi Lahren has made a career out of slamming Democrats and her hate for the Affordable Care Act.

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In a recent Facebook video Lahren goes on a rant and says, “We are one step closer to sending the unaffordable care act to the sewer with the rest of the swamp rats. To the bleeding heart Democrats trying to pass this off as a death sentence to Americans, give it a rest. You’re full of crap. And enough with the fake numbers—22 million people aren’t losing healthcare. Actually, millions of people will be able to choose if they want it instead of the almighty Democrats force feeding it to us by government mandate.”

According to Complex, Lahren might have some negative things to say about Obamacare, but she was one of the many that benefited from it.

Children are allowed to stay under their parents health insurance until the age of 26 according to Obamacare and during a debate with Chelsea Handler she said, “Luckily, I am 24, so I am still on my parents’ plan.”

Twitter never forgets and had a couple things to say about Lahren about being on the healthcare she continues to slam.

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