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The highly publicized appearance of Tomi Lahren on “The View” was actualized after Lahren sat down with the show’s panel hosts on Friday to explain why her brand of conservatism elicits a specific type of appeal.

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Lahren, who hosts an internet show on “The Blaze,” branded herself as the representative for a specific portion of America when asked why she resonates with millions of followers.

I think in large part, I represent the voice of middle America.”  she said.

“So you’ve got the two coasts, and those individuals seem to just kind of talk to each other. And you’ve got all of middle America right there that’s dying to have a voice–they don’t really feel like they have one, they’re not represented, you know beyond their communities, so I think they watch me and they say, ‘Well you know, she speaks like I do, she thinks like I do, she seems to me to get it like I do,’ and I think that’s why it’s resonated. And also I do something very different. There’s not a whole lot of young conservative women out there and so I provide that for a lot of young women, they don’t have that,” she concluded to applause.

In other words, Lahren used the term, “middle America,” as a pseudonym for White people, specifically those who felt disenfranchised leading up to last year’s election. Friday’s “revelation” was no surprise.

“I’m doing something right. Something that I’m doing is working,” Lahren said later in the segment.

Whoopi Goldberg, who was noticeably absent, would’ve probably offered the strongest counter-narrative to Lahren, but Joy Behar did her best to push back in Goldberg’s place after Lahren made comments in support of President Trump’s Muslim ban and his attitude towards women.

Watch the whole segment above.


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