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While the nation is still processing one of our wildest presidential elections in U.S. history and working to accept Donald Trump as our president-elect, many are using their voices and platforms to speak out.

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Celebrities like rappers Killer Mike and Bun B have taken to the airwaves to put us on game as to how this happened. Actors like Lance Gross, Miley Cyrus and Gabrielle Union also to social media to voice their disappointment in the election results. Not to be outdone, our favorite social media stars Simone Shepherd and King Keraun utilized the latest Instagram challenge to make a bold and powerful statement for unity and change.

With a concept developed by actress / producer Kevalena Everett and actor / producer Todd Anthony, the 60-second clip showcases an ensemble in a montage of notable instances of racial profiling and victims of police brutality.

Shepherd directed the video while King Keraun produced the audio sequence piecing together clips from the murders of Philando Castille, Alton Sterling, Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland. With seamless fluidity, visual builds us up with protesters wearing Black Lives Matter shirts, a kneeling Kaepernick stand-in and an audio clip from Malcolm X’s iconic By Any Means Necessary speech playing in the background.

What an amazing display of creativity and impact. They say art should make one feel and this masterpiece did not fall short. What do you think of their #MannequinChallenge? Chime in below.

At work, I produced our Radio One Dallas #MannequinChallenge. While it doesn’t exactly make a political statement, it sure was a lot of fun to direct and produce. Did we nail it?!

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