Jerry Blasingame, who was paralyzed after Atlanta Police Officer Jon Grubbs Tasered him in 2018, has been awarded $100 million by a jury. The post Elderly Black Man Paralyzed By Atlanta Cop Awarded $100 Million After Being Tasered For Panhandling appeared first on NewsOne.

Rickey Smiley and Gary with Da Tea share their stories of times when they made unnecessary calls to the police.

Anthony Gray is suing the city of Radcliff, Kentucky after its police officers allegedly ran over his lower leg with a patrol car last September at the Gold Vault Inn.

A Raleigh detective recently proved that not all cops are here to protect us after he was fired for conspiring to plant fake heroin on Black men with help from an informant and knowledge from other officers. 

No more driving while Black. The City Council of Philadelphia is also in line with passing the ‘Driving Equality Bill’. City Council member Isaiah Thomas wrote the bill aimed at combating the practice of police officers making traffic stops for “driving while Black” offenses such as broken taillights. Along with the California Governor, Gavin Newsom, […]

Stockton California Police are investigating a possible hate crime after a black man was shot seven times by a white man he did not know after a traffic incident turned violent.

23-year-old Dayton, Ohio, man Darren Boykin died in police custody in Texarkana, Texas, after repeatedly telling officers he couldn't breathe. Two years later, Boykin's mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing officers of being  “deliberately indifferent” to her son's complaints and well-being.

Data taken from the Illinois Traffic and Pedestrian Stop Study suggests that Black drivers are actually seven times more likely to get stopped by Chicago police compared to what White people experience. 

A new analysis unveiled staggering disparity in the District's traffic enforcement, with Black and lower-income communities bearing the financial burden for tickets, citations, and associated fees.

In a series of experiments, researchers played 250 audio clips featuring 414 people of varying races and genders, who were all stopped by the police.