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Love B. Scott has obtained an explosive email allegedly sent to Gilbert Arenas among others, by his ex Laura Govan, where the latter puts their relationship history on front street. Gilbert and Govan have been going back and forth for quite some time now, but their shots on social media is nothing compared to what was detailed in the email.

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TSR Intern: CaDarius B. !! @Cadarius_ _________________________________ This tea kettle is burning today, so let's take some long sips on this Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas drama…. As if we aren't full off of it already! Welp fellow celebrity blog site,, posted some sweet and juicy details on the former couple's crazy ass relationship and let's just say crazy is an understatement! _________________________________ Y'all remember when earlier this month the former Wizards basketball player sent an eviction notice insisting that Laura and their four kids move out of his Los Angeles home within 60 days? Oh yeah and let's not forget all of this happened in addition to Arenas’ new baby on the way with ex-NFL wife, Lindsay Faulk. Trifilin’ right?! _________________________________ Well it looks like the former basketball wife has had enough and decided to air out all of his dirty laundry via email and screenshots of this very personal email to Gilbert surfaced across the internet and we suggest you sit down for this one! _________________________________ Allegedly, not only has Arenas been cheating on Laura and has a baby on the way, he has also been cheating on her with her family members AND the nanny!Lorddddd!! _________________________________ In the email, Laura allegedly says that even on top of being evicted, having the heat turned off during Christmas in their L.A. home when it was 25 degrees outside, and being kicked out during Thanksgiving (Dayyyyummm!!), she explains how she finally called it quits when she contracted multiple STDs from Gilbert!!! _________________________________ If you didn’t know, Laura Govan has been — read more at (link in bio)

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It’s quite long, but here’s a snippet:

You were the man I loved! Your were everything to me at some Points! Even with All the madness and dysfunction …. It’s REALLY SAD THAT NOW U HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO SAY!!! Let’s be clear and very honest with each other ….. (Fuck instagram) just each other!

U wanna go way back ok! Since I’ve known you  2001 ok, you HAVE ALWAYSSSS SLEPT AROUND! Even as far as sleeping with some of my family members!  Being young and not very smart I still stayed!  I got prego with Izela (9) right after Alijah (8) a miscarriage then Hamiley (5) right after Aloni (4).  Since you seem to forget their age. And Now Have Step kids The Same ages as Our children  (which is cute … Not!) I have given you 14 years of My Life! Not saying that I’m perfect in anyway! But I’ve NEVER SLEPT WITH ANYONE WHILE WE WERE TOGETHER!  Even those Wack Ass Shaq Rumors!  You can Not Name One Person I Slept With besides the times you would disappear and leave me and the children for dead! For months!!! I have yet to say anything while you Run around making your children And the mother of your children look like Shit!  Your trying to Take My Home from Me with Our Four Kids and Move in Ur New Baby With Someone else Four Kids lol! But ur a Great Father! You have taken All Our Cars & Now Want to Take the only One I can drive them in but ur a Good Father? Right!! You Want our Babies To Walk Around Like Its Fashion Week! My Babies Are educationally sound, they wake up ever day with a smile on there face! That’s what I love to see most that they wear!   But you think it’s cute to have fathered a baby while we were still together, with a woman who already has three daughters with another NFL man, and had to get a blood test with your baby because she did not know who the father was! But again that’s your business!!!!

Here’s the rundown of everything he has been accused of (Via B. Scott):

  • Gilbert allegedly slept with some of Laura’s family members.
  • Gilbert allegedly can’t remember the ages of his kids.
  • This quote: “You think it’s cute to have fathered a baby while we were still together, with a woman who already has three daughters with another NFL man, and had to get a blood test with your baby because she did not know who the father was! But again that’s your business!!!!”
  • Gilbert allegedly put Laura and their kids out of the house for days and gave their Thanksgiving food to his teammates just hours before dinner was to be served.
  • Gilbert allegedly had the heat turned off on Christmas and instructed his business manager not to turn it on. It was 25 degrees outside.
  • Laura allegedly left Gilbert because she couldn’t deal with the STDs.
  • Gilbert allegedly burned down the house of someone Laura was dating at one point.


Um…wow is an understatement. Then again, we do know that there’s just something about those athletes and rappers not knowing how to act right. Not all, but a disturbing amount.


Is Gilbert Arenas Feuding With Laura Govan?

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