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News broke on Tuesday that Facebook will finally make a dislike button. It’s about time! There’s no word yet on when we can expect the roll out, but we’re already thinking of all the things we can’t wait to give a thumbs down.

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Keep reading for 12 things we’ve been disliking on FB.

Baby/Kid Overload 

Look, newborn babies look weird, including yours. There, I said it. Also, you’re probably the only person who thinks your child is exceptionally cute, smart, ahead of his/her time, or whatever. No one is telling you not to feel grateful and/or wallow in your blessings. However, the next time you flood our timelines with 80 photos of your child in a span of an hour, prepare to get that thumbs down because you’re annoying. This also counts for people with fur babies.

Bae Overload

See above for the babies and kids, but now apply that to the significant other (wheter it’s married, boyfriend, girlfriend, and especially engaged). Love is great (sometimes), and you found it. Whoopty doo! You’re also not special just because you’ve been “chosen.”

Sappy Shout Outs and Salutations 

When people give birthday and anniversary shout outs to people they probably live with, or could just pick up the phone and call/text.



The person that you’re talking about probably knows you’re talking about them. The rest of us don’t care. Quit being a Cyber Crip and handle your beef like a grownup in real life.

Anything Posted by or About George Zimmerman

We can just file him under troll. Also see Donald Trump.

Tropical Vacation Photos When Everyone Else is Stuck In Subzero Weather

Self-explanatory. This also goes for people in Southern California and Florida who complain that 65 degrees is cold.

Facebook Preachers

Facebook preachers come with a variety of opinions. Some are of the Hotep variety, others might be extremely religious, there are the Internet Confuciuses, who think everything they say is deep (when it’s actually stupid), and then there are the racists, and phobics who go on rants and dish out conspiracy theories not actually based on fact, thinking they are the smartest people who ever walked the Earth, when in reality their timelines have probably been blocked and muted by most of their friends because they’re dumb.


People Who Spread Meme News 

Sometimes the Facebook Preachers take it upon themselves to create memes loaded with the erroneous information they like to spread as if it’s actual truth. How about…stop.

 “Humble Braggers”

That person who tries to mask incessant bragging and boasting as being grateful and humble…

Yup, we’ve all come across that person. And if you are that person, repeat after me:

There’s no such thing as a humble brag. There’s no such thing as a humble brag. There’s no such thing as a humble brag…

The phrase is an oxymoron, and you are an egotistical moron. Or…you could just be lying.

General Trolls

The troll category is actually pretty vast. Aside from the Facebook preachers and internet Confuciuses, you have the people who probably weren’t breastfed or hugged enough as children that are always posting some kind of whoa as me status or saying something controversial just for attention. Go away.

Negative Nancies and Ninos 

There’s always that person who just can’t stand to see anyone happy or amused, and so they love to try to ruin statuses by saying or pointing out something negative, or bringing up super serious that has nothing to do with anything.

Child Shamers

Let’s be real, this is probably more about you getting the attention you never got as a child than actually teaching your child a lesson. Go get some therapy and learn how to be a better, more rational parent.


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