"Facebook’s persistent actions to undermine content moderation are the latest evidence that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook leadership will continue to sacrifice the safety of our communities to line their pockets."

When it comes to social media and hacking, you would think the profiles belonging to the people who started your favorite platforms would be well enough protected. For Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, that was not the case. When his profile was hacked, we couldn’t help but wonder- was it an inside job? Is Facebook trying […]

Mike Tyson stops by "The Real," and tells an interesting story from the '80s.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a stern message to employees who have been crossing out the “Black Lives Matter” slogan on a public company art wall and writing in “All Lives Matter.” Zuckerberg’s frustration was voiced in an internal memo that was leaked, according to an exclusive report from Gizmodo. Reporters at Gizmodo were able […]

We're not sure if people caught the irony behind Kanye West asking the CEO of Facebook for $1 billion on Twitter.

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We've compiled a list of things that we can't wait to thumbs down in honor of the forthcoming dislike button on Facebook.