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Bassist and vocalist Kevin Jenkins brings Rock & Roll back to its roots, where it once lived with Blues and Soul on the back porches of Southern USA, with his album “Til The Story’s Told.” The first song, “Spirit in the Sky” is an adventure for the ear, opening with seemingly eerie, isolated harmonies, which we then find out are meant to nestle perfectly into a classic rock & roll beat dusted off and sounded anew as it unfolds and explodes around them.

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As the first song ends and song number two, “Tangled Up,” begins, we are on a drive through an open road somewhere in the nostalgia of America’s past. Jenkins’ voice is clear, crisp and simple, delivering story without question. It fits perfectly in its surrounding soundscape, without blending so much that it escapes our focus. The rest of the album unfolds just as seamlessly, one song after another, each in a new place and telling a new story.

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The album’s lead single, “Janie’s Silver Lining” is a sweet and sorrowful telling about a woman named Janie who struggles to break out of the prison that her every day life has become. Another exhibition of beautiful storytelling and great lyricism, “Janie’s Silver Lining,” is the perfect representation of a brilliant, honest and creative album.

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“Til The Story’s Told” exhibits great artistic skill and clarity. Jenkins’ career reflects that; the bassist’s 38-year career has seen him open for kings among us; Michael Jackson, The Police, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, BB King, and Joe Cocker. He’s also lent his talents to the records of many, including Cyndi Lauper, Enrique Iglesias, and Cliff Eberhardt.


Written at a time of death, birth and new beginnings in Jenkins’ life, it is this wealth of experience that contributes well to Jenkins’ full, complete sound on “Til The Story’s Told.” It is healthily and fully formed, guaranteed to bring color and images to the listener as its stories unfold before them.

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“Til The Story’s Told” comes out on June 9th. Like Kevin Jenkins on Facebook to stay up to date with new releases and to purchase the album when it comes out! Be sure to check out the single “Janie’s Silver Lining,” in the music player below.