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Mark Maze is a one-man NYSNC, but with a British flare. The UK artist’s “urban electric pop” sound may just take you back to those days of bumping the beloved pop group’s last studio album, “Celebrity.” Maze employs the perfect blend of electronic and instrumental sound. Remember how well an acoustic guitar sounds amidst synths and a hot, uptempo drum beat? In case you don’t, “Crazy” will remind you. It’s everything we loved about pop in the early 2000s.

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The lead single off of the album, “The Devil May Cry,” starts slow, with Mark Maze’s voice, low and gentle over an airy and sentimental piano. Those who make quick decisions about their music will miss out on a smooth switch to an epic dance beat by the second verse. It’s both workout and remix ready, with a catchy melody and dramatic theme.

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Mark Maze sites his influences as some of the greats: Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Pink and more. Undoubtedly some of the elements that make up the works of those greats exist in this EP. Even the vibrato of the King himself can be detected amongst the melodies.

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“Uncomfortable Truths” is highly confessional, as the title promises. It handles balances impressively, with the ability to employ both a tough grit and upbeat, airy pop sounds. It offers narratives of more than partying and sex, but you could feasibly party to almost any song on this album. For pop and dance fans, Mark Maze will be a great addition to your iTunes library.

Click here stream “Uncomfortable Truths” on Bandcamp.

Check out Mark Maze on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo! Plus, stream more of his music on Soundcloud.

And watch the video for “The Devil May Cry” below!