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Rickey Smiley Birthday Beach Blowout 2024

Yo mama so fat I told her to touch her toes she said “What them is”

Yo mama so fat she went on Family Feud and played by herself

Yo mama so fat she farted on Tuesday morning and the smell didn’t come out til Wednesday afternoon

Yo mama so fat if you wanna smash you gotta roll her in white flour and look for the damp spot

Yo mama so nasty she don’t use “Always” she use “Every Now and Then”

Yo mama so strong she shoot craps with car batteries

Yo mama so old when Lincoln freed the slaves she DJ’d the after party

Yo mama so big and fat she eat baked potatoes like sunflower seeds

Yo mama breasts so long and saggy they look like brown church socks full of mud

Yo mama so old she cant control her bladder, her nickname at the Senior Citizen home is “Pissy Elliott”

Yo mama so old the bottom half of her legs fell off from gout, now errbody call her “Knee-Knee”

Yo mama so tall she got a job waxing city bus roofs

Yo mama so tall she got a job cleaning NBA backboards

Yo mama neck so thick a cop put a choke hold on her and HE passed out

Yo mama teeth so spaced out she floss with jumper cables

Yo mama so black when she breastfeeds hot coffee comes out

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