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If you doubted that the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise could deliver more ratchery, the supertrailer they just released may have proved you wrong. The four-minute video promises a number of highlights and familiar faces in the new season, but among the most talked about is the cat fight between Ray J‘s current girlfriend, Princess Love, and his ex, Teairra Mari, as well as Teairra’s angry physical attack on Ray J after he dumps out a box of her clothes onto the floor. Clearly, there is somewhat of a ratchet love triangle occurring here, but the big question still stands–how did they even get to this point?

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Who is Princess Love?

Where did this girl come from? The answer: Floyd Mayweather. Princess Love is a former Las Vegas stripper who was dating Floyd Mayweather back in 2013 when she was exposed for cheating on him with Ray J. For some reason, 50 Cent made it his responsibility to tell Floyd, via a series of Instagram photos, that Princess Love was not being loyal, calling her a “THOT” and accusing her of going after Floyd just for his money. Soon afterwards there was speculation that Princess was responsible for a robbery at Floyd’s house, after claims surfaced that she had done the same thing to a previous boyfriend who kept large amounts of cash in his home.

Shortly after that, Ray J and Princess Love became an official item. This was around the same time that rumors about them filming a reality TV show surfaced; that show, we now know, was “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

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Who is Teairra Mari?

Unlike Princess Love, Teairra Mari did have somewhat of a music career, however short-lived it was. She was signed to Def Jam Records at 16-years-old, but was let go after her self-titled first album did not do well in its sales. You may recall knowing her name from her single “Make Her Feel Good,” which she cut with producer Sean Garrett and Jay Z after he became president of Def Jam. Her video for “No Daddy” also received considerable commercial success on MTV back in the days of “Total Request Live.” Still, even with her cameo appearances in many popular music videos and a role in the movie “Lottery Ticket” with Bow Wow and Ice Cube, she was eventually dropped from the label due to lack of promotion and poor album sales. She has released several mixtapes since.

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Princess vs. Teairra 

Last month, Princess Love posted a photo to Instagram of Monistat and Vagisil products next to an airline ticket with Teairra Mari’s name on it. She tagged Teairra in the photo as well, saying, “BIO hazardous bitch. What type of woman carries this shit in her bag?”

Of course, the social media drama just unfolded from there. Teairra Mari responded by posting naked pictures of Princess Love prior to her plastic surgeries, which had previously been leaked by a member of Floyd Mayweather’s circle (after she left him for Ray J), and thus were easily accessible.

A Insta-argument ensued via comments on the social media platform, with Teairra Mari calling Princess Love “Floyd Mayweather’s build-a-bear,” and Princess Love firing back and saying that Teairra does coke, doesn’t have a record deal or any money, and has a “stank cooch.” The ratchery is so real, ya’ll.

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Knowing all of that, it might be easier to understand when, in the trailer, Teairra Mari tells Ray J that she doesn’t want to hear about him and his new girl, and why she might feel disrespected when he dumps a box of her clothing out onto the floor in front of everyone at the hair salon.

I still wonder, though, why either of them even bother giving Ray J the time of day in the first place.