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Lamar Odom‘s basketball career has been momentarily benched again as he’s just been dropped from the New York Knicks.

Lamar’s career has hit a few blocks since the Los Angeles Lakers traded him to the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. The move was devastating to Lamar, who had dedicated his entire career to the Lakers, and it showed in his performance when he and Khloe Kardahsian went to Dallas.

After a short stint with the Los Angeles Clippers, the Knicks picked him up and signed him to a multi-year dear back in April. Four months later, the team has rescinded their contract. “Unfortunately, Lamar was unable to uphold the standards to return as an NBA player,” Knicks president Phil Jackson said in a statement. “We found it necessary to free up the roster spot.”

Lamar’s had a few chances to rebound during his career, which has suffered during his split from Khloe. She filed for divorce in December 2013, and she’s recently been getting pretty serious with still-married rapper French Montana.

The Knicks had expected that Lamar could push past the drama in his personal life to step up his game for the team.

“There was a lot of hope there when he had his first initial talks with Phil,” a source told UsMagazine.com. “He gave him a real shot. He kind of threw this one away. He wasn’t in it. He’s not doing great. Admittedly, he’s had a couple rough hands dealt with the family and the Khloe situation being pretty frequently thrown in his face.”

In the months leading up to Khloe’s decision to leave him, there was chatter that Lamar was using drugs and sleeping with other women. Another insider echoed those claims about the Knicks’ expectations for Lamar. “Everyone was hoping that what went down with Khloe would see him rededicate himself to training and getting in shape for the season,” they said, “but he seems to only be half in it.”

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