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Nicki Minaj is lending her killer rap skills to two powerhouse pop singers that have been flying just under the radar- until now. A week ago, Jessie J posted a promotional photo on her Instagram that broke the news of the three-way collab that will undoubtedly rock the charts. The pic can be seen below:

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Jessie J, whose previous hits include “Price Tag” featuring B.o.B and “Domino,” is no stranger to the radio airwaves, but we have been without her sound in our rush hour speakers for some time now.  The England native has an incredible vocal skill that is not commonly found in today’s pop artists- she is a one of a kind talent and her contributions to this song will surely be one of a kind. Her first album, “Who You Are” is full of soulful pop hits that are surely underrated, including “Do It Like A Dude,” which received a lot of internet popularity, and “Mama Knows Best,” a hard driving, blues and jazz-influnced hit, which her die-hard YouTube fans delight in watching her belt out on video from the floor of her bedroom.

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The song is going to skyrocket all three of their careers into significant positions in the limelight. Jessie J’s international fame will surely catapult Nicki and Ariana to a similar level of popularity, exposing their names to a broader audience. All three women have intense, passionate fan bases that combined could further solidify these bases, creating a better possibility of permanence in an unpredictable industry. The song is pop gold, with a driving, funky beat that allows each artist to have a wide range of creative freedom over it, and with voices like those, that freedom raises the potential of the song by tenfold.

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