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StayLo and Roy Jones Jr

Silly rabbits…when will you ever learn? Jumpoffs are finding fame and fortune out here in these streets so now it’s in their best interest to snitch on you and get attention in order to capitalize and extend their five minutes of fame! The latest guy to be learning this lesson appears to be Roy Jones Jr. According to Vlad TV, the boxer’s private information and nude photos were leaked over the weekend by fellow boxer Stacey Louise Reile aka StayLo.

StayLo claims that she was the married boxer’s mistress and when Roy refused to leave his wife for Stacey, she took out her revenge all over her Instagram account. She posted the famed boxer’s phone number, email address and nude photos that were allegedly sent to her.

The scorned mistress also posted photos of the two together in bed with the caption,

“Damn I really loved him,”


“I enjoyed being in his arms.”

But she wasn’t done there! Stacey created the Instagram page @Roy_Winky_Aint_Right exposing texts the boxer allegedly sent to her.

Both her personal Instagram account and the one for the texts have been taken down and Vlad TV seems to be the only site who still has the incriminating pics up and posted for viewing.

Ladies…do you really want to be known for this behavior? At some point you are going to want to date someone else and this is going to be the first thing they think of  as it pertains to you. And let’s not forget the fact that there is a family in turmoil today…that is the worst crime out of all of it.

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