Somewhere Akinyele and Lil Wayne are rethinking their sex habits. The self-professed “vagina diners” may give up being vagetarian after reading this next report. An…

Where is Bumblebee when you really need him??? TMZ has obtained footage of actor Shia LaBeouf being beaten up on a Vancouver street by an unknown assailant. After being picked up off the ground, his companions were overheard telling him to “lay low.” It appears that both men were a little tipsy, so we’ll chalk […]

School bus attendant Hattie Yvonne Branch couldn’t wait “until 3 o’clock” to handle what she thought was a bully situation. The 70-year-old yanked and bit a 14-year-old boy she claimed had been harassing her on the bus. Florida prosecutors just released the surveillance video of the incident that occurred on June 2nd of this year. […]

51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson, who has starred in the TV series “Lost” and in the movie The Green Mile, has married 16-year-old singer Courtney Alexis Stodden.  The two wed in Las Vegas last month with the consent of her parents. Courtney, an aspiring actress, model and pop singer, was being managed by Hutchinson when the […]

Lil Kim claims that her new mixtape, Black Friday, sold 113,000 copies in it’s first 28 hours of availability, a number that was met with wide disbelief all across the internet.

Lauryn Hill is no stranger to WTF moments but this one is definitely in the top 10. Keri Hilson Tweets About Meeting Her Idol Lauryn Hill [PHOTO] Lauryn performed at the Sundance Film Festival in this crazy fur coat. What the hell was she thinking?! Take a look: Keri Hilson Tweets About Meeting Her Idol […]

If you thought Rihanna’s wigs were out of control before, think again! Rih Rih was seen partying in Hollywood at Las Palmas Nightclub in this humongous curly red wig. We can’t even tell it’s her with all that weave! Where’s her face? Fab Or Fug? Rihanna Debuts New Two-Toned ‘Do With Bangs! [PHOTOS] This look […]

Nicki Minaj stepped out of her London hotel wearing this getup yesterday (January 19) wearing this. Nicki Minaj Touches Down In London [PHOTOS] The rapper had on a pink jumpsuit, huge earrings and a huge gold chain around her neck. The most shocking part about this outfit is her cotton candy pink hi-top wig. What […]

Diddy pulled another WTF recently when he was spotted at the airport in slippers and a Louis Vuitton clutch in tow. The flamboyant Dirty Money rapper rocked his man purse which ok, we’re not surprised but slippers too!? Cassie Gets Diddy For NYE, Baby Mama Kim Porter Gets Xmas Take a look at more WTF […]

Rihanna hit up X-Factor UK to perform songs off of her new album Loud. Rihanna had fun with the paparazzi while leaving the set by flashing them!