A woman got very upset after finding out her package allegedly caught on fire in the mailroom.

Tech watches are super popular nowadays, and options have multiplied since the Apple watch busted onto the season. Between Samsung, the Fitbit and Apple, it might be difficult to choose. But for a woman looking to fit a tech watch into her style, it could be an even harder decision to make. Sign Up For […]

Almost every major company now has its own watch- Apple, Samsung, you name it. So how does one know which one they should purchase? Listen to the audio player for this and other tech news in the latest edition of Techie Tuesday! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest on tech, gadgets, and apps here and listen to […]

Apple held a huge conference yesterday where they finally unveiled the Apple Watch! Although it is one of the most advanced tech gadgets on the market, where there are pros there are cons. Listen to the audio player to hear Beyonce Alowishus discuss everything you need to know about the Apple Watch, and why you […]

50 Cent escorted his boy Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. to the ring on Saturday night when he fought Victor Ortiz, and even held some of Mayweather’s belts. The day after the controversial match, Money gave 50 a watch that’s reportedly worth $20,000. Not bad for one night of carrying a few belts! Check out 50’s […]