Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced the release of a plant-based fried chicken recipe coming to stores! 

Spanish company is already ahead of the game with a vegan steak that can be printed out in a matter of minutes.

Beyoncé isn’t always vegan, but she’s known for going on a strict vegan diet before huge events...

Ne-Yo has been losing weight for quite some time and he owes it all to becoming a vegan.

We can never forget the saying, “Bye Felicia” from the hit movie “Friday.”

It seems as though a lot of celebrities are going vegan to help with eating right and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Porsha Williams has decided to make some changes in her life before the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she started with her fridge. If you’ve been paying attention to Porsha’s social media as of late, you might have noticed that she’s really been loving her fruits and veggies. While checking in with […]