An elderly couple in Australia mistakenly signed for a package that was sent to the wrong address, and much to their surprise, it contained a whopping $10 million worth of meth, according to a report.


The rebirth of blatant and public racism under Donald Trump’s watchful blind eye continues to flourish with the latest repulsive example coming out of UPS. WSB-TV Atlanta reports that Gwendolyn Carder who worked as the human resources supervisor at a Georgia UPS facility has been fired for posting her story on Facebook in which she […]

RL and a very excited Juicy were chatting about his 1997 hit song “Butta Love” with the r&b group NEXT. Juicy squealed while telling RL about how much she loves that song, and asked him when he realized it would be big. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RL explains that the release of “Butta Love” […]